Stoned he stumbled Into the opera

What dare I now to say within the dismal hours that find me, hear, chattering in the empty gong of my mind all the words that I need to fill this page?

My, the voice says, that was a perturbed sentence. Written boldly from the  dim wasteland of suburbia. Is there even a single stand-up bass in all of this miserable stretch of franchiselandia?


Once upon a lonesome dawn, I held you in my arms. We were young, We were skinny, we were in a place where time had no grip on our hearts, and oh, how we loved each other …. but the waves pulled us into the sea, and thereupon a weary night we drifted apart. and here we now sit, on distant shores, separated by evening and more, not knowing who it is that looks back at us from the still waters.

At least we could hire a collaborative lawyer. She was nice. And then she said:

Very simply, collaborative law is a legal process through which divorcing spouses agree to settle matters privately and outside of the courtroom.

The process is not for everyone. Both parties must agree to work together towards the shared goal of minimizing the collateral damage that can sometimes occur in a divorce proceeding. For my clients, I always recommend that we bring in outside specialists and other family law professionals to ensure the process achieves the best possible outcome for the entire family.

Initially, this can appear daunting to those who just want a “quick divorce” (something that might sound good in an advertisement, but which is rarely found in the family courts). The thought of being in a room with a group of family professionals and their soon-to-be-ex-spouse can be overwhelming.

I understand. As a certified mediator who has been trained in Interdisciplinary Collaborative Law, I have seen this process many times.

More at the link above. a wee bit too tired to write right now, right?


“Right.Right. Right.”


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